What Does Custom Letterhead Printing Cost?

What Does Custom Letterhead Printing Cost?

In NYC, the cost of custom letterhead printing is based on a variety of factors. At Hart Repro, we try to give you the best price possible for every job, but must acknowledge that some services and options will lead to additional costs. To help you plan your projects and budgets, here are some of the most common factors and why they make a difference.

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How your custom letterhead printing is being applied has a big impact on the price. Paper is less expensive than poster board, while gatorboard requires more time and material – vinyl is in a different category altogether. It should not be a surprise to learn that jobs which use special materials or substrates will incur a higher cost. Many companies do not offer a full range of print capabilities, but Hart Repro has been refining the science of printing since 1924. We have the tools and experience for every project – even ones other companies cannot perform.

Design Expenses
Almost every project is going to require a minimal amount of tweaking to get the best effects off the press, but special assistance, graphic design, and project design will mean the dedication of more human and computer time, and the final cost will be a little higher than a project you designed yourself. The cost of assistance will vary on the job, type of design, and size of the project.

Color for Performance, B&W for Economy
Life happens in vivid color, and the tendency is to make everything you print do the same. Some services, including custom letterhead printing, are not always well suited to full color. Since grayscale printing is less expensive than color, it is popularly used for flyers, handbills, and other company documents where quantity and price take precedence. We can help you understand the difference in cost, or offer advice on getting the best effect for your budget. We also offer color matching with the Pantone Matching System to guarantee the right colors for documents, logos, and trademarks.

Offset Printing May Offer More Savings
Offset printing is very economical for quantity press runs. If you are ordering 1000 or more copies of custom letterhead, using the offset method may reduce costs over digital printing. Offset printing is more economical for larger print jobs, but we can help you determine what is best for the task at hand.

Best Custom Letterhead Printing Costs and Quality

If you need custom letterhead printing, priority printing, or other printing services, Hart Repro is conveniently located on West 36th Street. To get your custom letterhead printing project started, please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 212-704-0556.